Egothentic, a brand with a message! 

We strive to pass the message that everyone should be PROUD of who they are, regardless of what other think or say! The only opinions about you that should matter are your own! 


We offer casual and stylish apparel for our customers to wear to show off their Egothentic spirit! Join the movement and support the message! 

We offer casual apparel that`s both stylish and meaningful, chances are that anyone who rocks our label is proud of who they are.


We design new products very often and we always appreciate suggestions from our customers, got any ideas ? Let us know! Check out our "contact us" tab.


The Founders Story:

Egothentic was started when I was only 17 years old, I wanted to pass the message that everyone should be proud of who they are.

Throughout many years of my life , I fell witness and even victim to discrimination and bullying, I started to open my eyes to exactly how vast the issue was, it wasn't just me, or my friends that were witnessing this, many more were being shunned for who they are. So I wanted to change that.

I wondered and wondered, how could I change this, or make an effort to change this, I asked myself that question almost daily.

Then it hit me, clothing is something we wear every single day, whether its a sporty T-Shirt or a hoodie, we wear clothing every day. So I decided to give it a meaning.  wanted everyone to be happy with who they are, no matter what other people think or say. ver since I realized how I wanted to make this dream a reality, I worked until I made Egothentic what it is today and later brought my longtime friend and business partner along for the journey. I know now how I want to pass this message, I decided to make something happen, to bring the message that was brewing in my head, into reality, the We Are Us message. We are who we are, so lets own it! From then on and until now, Egothentic was born!